Apollo, as it stands today, is the realization of the dreams of its dynamic Chairman Padmavibhusan Dr.Prathap.C. Reddy who established the first corporate hospital in India in 1983.What began as a dream to provide medical excellence to the millions of Indians, who perished simply because essential medical care was not available in India, turned out to be a saga of success.

The tiny seed that was sown two decades ago has grown into mammoth proportions and Apollo has spread its wings not only to the other states of the country, but also to the world across the seas. Today Apollo Hospitals Group comprises of a network of fifty Hospitals, owning and managing over 8500 hospital beds, over 100 diagnostic clinics and over 1000 pharmacies, making it the most trusted health care provider in Asia. The Government of India declared AHEL’s Apollo Hospitals, Chennai as a “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” and the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi is amongst the largest Corporate Hospitals in the region. The Apollo Group of Hospitals today is an integrated Health care delivery Company.

What makes Apollo outstanding in all its Endeavour’s is the personalized care that is given to the patients. The nurses are the pride of Apollo and their motto “Service with a Smile” is meticulously translated into action while serving the sick. An Apollo nurse is not merely a caregiver; she is a computer savvy, confident and highly resourceful person who can deftly handle the ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment in the hospital. Endowed with the unique qualities of love, courage and mercy, which is the hallmark of the nurse, an Apollo nurse is much in demand in today’s modern health care system.

The Apollo Hospitals has been conferred the ISO and functions in adherence to the high standards set by the ISO. Apollo hospitals Chennai and New Delhi were the first hospitals to be awarded CRISIL rating “A” the highest grade for quality standards. Currently Apollo Hospitals group achieved the unique distinction of international recognition through Joint Commission International (JCI) for its hospitals at Chennai and Delhi.

An Apollo telemedicine network foundation was commended for its primary efforts to introduce telemedicine to the rural population, by the former US President Mr. Bill Clinton after he viewed a live teleconsultations at CII conference in Hyderabad. Apollo’s achievements are so many that listing them all would be a Herculean task.